José Bénazéraf – Baise-moi partout AKA Attention, je vais jouir (1978)


Upper-class Madame Vinclair (Karine Gambier) has sex with a teacher she obviously knows although despising him for being working class. She starts the scene talking about his sticking up political posters and compares him to Georges Marchais (leader of the French Communist Party at the time) and François Mitterand (then leader of the Socialist Party, but not yet President – that will come three years later). Throughout the scene Madame Vinclair alludes to his proletarian prick and asks him what it’s like to fuck a bourgeoise.
Meanwhile, Dominique, the housekeeper (Cathy Stewart), has it off with her boyfriend, Nicolas, Madame Vinclair’s woodcutter, in the kitchen. Contrary to most of Stewart’s scenes where she looks quite distant (that is to my eyes, but I may be wrong) this time she really looks as if she is enjoying it. Notice the direct sound, not so frequent as far as she is concerned (not so frequent as far as Karine Gambier is concerned either). All through the scene Stewart keeps on with her girlish talk about their future holidays in Morocco. Her best scene as far as I know – with the one coming up in two or three minutes! Continue reading

Borja Brun – Diet of Sex (2014)


A ‘chance’ meeting in the street, give you the opportunity to Agata and Marc to help each other to overcome the inertia of their lives. Tired of going from bed to bed and boy to boy, Agata is confronted with the challenge of staying, not flee to problems. But Agata does not know what’s wrong, feels a barrier to enjoying sex. The parents of Agata added to the situation, an extra humor and problems. Eroticism, sensuality, tension and humor, make this film a new style of film making, where bodies do not hide and the sex scenes are displayed naturally, openly. The Sex Diet contains explicit sex sequences intertwined with a captivating story. A new genre or a new qualification, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Continue reading

Anthony Spinelli – Expectations (1977)


Wealthy socialite Margo yearns for a change in her life in the wake of a divorce. Bored and unhappy, Margo decides to swap lives with free-spirited swinger Montana. However, things ultimately don’t go as planned after Montana becomes involved with Margo’s creepy brother Vincent.

From IMDb:
Trust adult’s most accomplished “auteur”, the late great “Anthony Spinelli” a/k/a Sam Weston (né Samuel Weinstein and brother of beloved comedian Jack), to point out the pitfalls in a hypothetical only-in-the-movies situation mainstream traditionally mines for laughs : two people from very different walks of life switching places willingly or otherwise. Call this a carnal cautionary tale if you will, pausing to reflect on the potential downside to an arrangement few if any among us are unlikely to encounter in real life. Continue reading

Carlos Tobalina – Champagne Orgy (1978)


CHAMPAGNE ORGY returns to the meta-realm of Tobalina films like MAI LIN VS. SERENA. Carlos Tobalina (himself) wants to celebrate the completion of shooting his latest film with a champagne party. One of his stars suggests they rent out a place, and Tobalina agrees, but smartly brings along his crew. When the cocktail waitress they hire spikes the champagne with some sort of super aphrodisiac, the wrap party turns into a gigantic multi-room orgy. Fortunately, Tobalina has his camera and sound crew on hand to film the party for another film in order to make the money to cover the damages to the place. There are some callback jokes (Fernando “I am always ready!” Fortes both actually shot the film and appears in it as the “character” he played in several other films) and some girls try to seduce Carlos himself, which he expertly plays off. Otherwise, a solid 50 minutes of this 77-minute feature is dedicated to footage of the orgy, featuring an entirely different cast from the previous features. Dorothy LeMay, Misty Regan, Brooke West, Mike Horner, David Morris, Aaron Stuart, and a number of other familiar faces all make appearances. Continue reading

Carlos Tobalina – Fantastic Orgy (1977)


FANTASTIC ORGY is ostensibly the story of Iris Medina (THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE), a woman so horny she seeks out a job working behind the scenes in pornography. What is really is, is a compilation of just about every outtake Tobalina shot for HER FINAL FLING (including takes botched by mis-threading the film which Medina explains as her fault because she was too turned on while loading the camera), THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE, I AM ALWAYS READY, and probably whatever else Tobalina shot in 1977. Medina (or whoever dubs her) monotonously rambles on in voice-over about how horny all of the onscreen sex is making her, as well as espousing Tobalina’s pornographic utopian myth that pornographic actors have sex on camera purely for the pleasure they bring their audiences and each other (as well as the idea that starlets don’t mind at all giving the horned up crew some relief between takes for the good of the film). Continue reading

Koyu Ohara – Sudojo Lucia: kegasu AKA Sins of Sister Lucia (1978)


SINS OF SISTER LUCIA is the story of Rumiko, the manipulative and dissolute daughter of a wealthy businessman who is discovered by her father in the midst of appalling larcenous and sexual acts. The prim daughters of Japanese tycoons do not engage in such behavior, so to correct Rumiko, she is sent to a convent. The traditional methods of “sisterly” redirection do not seem to work on the rebellious and defiant girl, even after she is indoctrinated as “Sister Lucia”. Before long punishments of all types are visited against Sister Lucia, but during one spell of restraint and confinement, two escaped convicts stumble upon our helpless heroine, they ravish her and in a fit of patient diplomacy, she convinces them to help turn the tables on her oppressors, but not for long. Eventually another turnabout is orchestrated landing “Lucia” in an even more dreadful predicament. What started as an intensely seductive cinematic affair erupts into an orgy of licentious and salaciously lewd acts that would delight any devotee of Japanese debauchery. Continue reading

Jim Wynorski – Hard Bounty (1995)


After years of bringing in desperadoes more dead than alive, Martin B. Kanning, a notorious bounty hunter, hangs up his guns to become the owner of Boomtown Saloon. However, owning a business isn’t the vacation he envisioned, as he finds himself the mediator to a bevy of working girls, including Donnie, a curvaceous fireball with whom he takes a very personal interest. When one of the girls is brutally murdered by a local land baron, Kanning finds himself caught between the law and three bad girls wielding Colt .45s and a bitter taste for revenge. He rides off in hot pursuit of the killer with Donnie and the others, ensuring that justice will be served. It all climaxes with a nerve-shattering, three-way shootout at high noon in this fast-moving Western that helps put the “wild” back into the Wild West. Continue reading

Chris Warfield – Cathouse Fever (1984)


Shy and reserved Los Angeles-based secretary Becky yearns to have a more eventful and exciting sex life. Dissatisfied with making due with her carnal fantasies, Becky decides to leave Los Angeles and goes to Las Vegas to work as a legal prostitute at a brothel where she hopes to find the sensual fulfillment that has so far eluded her in her life.

Shy and reserved Los Angeles-based secretary Becky (a solid and appealing performance by fetching brunette Becky Savage) yearns for a more eventful and exciting sex life. Dissatisfied with making due with her carnal fantasies, Becky leaves Los Angeles and moves to Las Vegas to work as a legal prostitute at a brothel where she hopes to find the sensual fulfillment that has eluded her so far in her life. Continue reading

Roberta Findlay – Glitter (1983)



Following the death of his father, painfully shy David Preston (a subdued Jerry Butler) finds himself pressed into duty as new chairman at the Glitter advertising agency, a task he’s clearly not up to as brow-beating bitchy exec “MS.” Benson can’t resist pointing out when they first meet. Cursed with an oh so ’80s loose perm, the incomparable Marlene Willoughby has a field day camping it up, effortlessly hijacking each of too few scenes she’s in. Too bad her sole sex scene, with fellow fornication film veteran Ashley Moore, proves such a damp squib, sabotaged by sloppy editing. A chance encounter with old buddy and prodigious ladies man Brad (Christopher Reeve lookalike Michael Knight) and the introduction of a temperamentally contrasting modeling team at the office push David down the road to assertiveness. Kelly Nichols shines as protective, dyed in the wool Marcie, looking out for innocent little Amy (the late, lamented Shauna Grant at her most rigidly guarded), who naturally falls head over heels for her equally awkward employer. Continue reading

Unknown – Hedonistic Communication (1970)

HEDONISTIC COMMUNICATION / IRM ED SOMMER / KONTAKTE / ICH DU UND ICH is the title of this super obscure experimental short film including also explicit sex.
Very raw and primitive, it features a great soundtrack made of amazing psychedelic abstract electronic music (the song is “I Of IV” by electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros), which is probably what makes this short some kind of mesmerizing experience.
We can only suppose the short is german, since the only information besides the title is the name of the “actors” involved, and they sound german (F. Scherz, Gabi Kaa, Hartmut Kaa).
We don’t know the name of the director, nor the year, even though it should be from the very early 70s (if not earlier). Continue reading

Various – X Femmes (Various)


X Femmes (English: X Women) is a French television series of short films shown on Canal+ in 2008–2009. They were shot by female directors with the goal of producing erotica and soft-core pornography from a female point of view.


Season 1 – Original air date 25 October 2008

1. Le bijou indiscret (The jewel indiscreet).
Director: Arielle Dombasle.
Stars: Arielle Dombasle, Jérémie Elkaïm and Paz de la Huerta Continue reading

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