Alberto Cavallone – La Gemella erotica (1980)

J0djGli Alberto Cavallone   La Gemella erotica (1980)

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“Same Face, Same Body, Same Vice!, 3 September 2005
Author: ANTONIO LA TORRE (BCULT) from Palermo, Italy

Two twin sisters are absolutely identical. Physically, but not mentally. In fact first sister is an unbridled nymphomaniac who continually collects sexual embraces. The second is timid and emotional. One day the first wants to involve her ingénue sister in this vicious circle, getting upsetting and unpredictable results. ‘La gemella erotica’ (Erotic Twin) was shot on Lake of Vico, central Italy. It is one of director Alberto Cavallone’s darkest films and one of the most indicative movie about Italian extreme cinema (banned to the minors), now become Cult Cinema. Also titled ‘Due gocce d’acqua’ (As Two Drops of Water), produced by Euritalia Cinematografica. O.S.T. was composed by maestro Carlo Carnelli. ” Continue reading

Richard Mailer – Doogan’s Woman (1978)

51o UJGYHNL. SY300  Richard Mailer   Doogans Woman (1978)

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A fashion photographer runs into trouble when he meets Annette, a scheming gold digger who has gotten her hooks into his publisher boss. She sabotages his career by seducing him and then telling the publisher she was assaulted. Annette laughs her evil laugh and we cut to a close-up of her cracking a walnut. Soon the photographer is reduced to shooting smut for “Scum Magazine”, but he gets his revenge. Worth mentioning is the scene with Sharon Mitchell and Eric Edwards making it in a bathtub filled with spaghetti. Continue reading

Hubert Frank – Unterm Röckchen stößt das Böckchen (1974)

 Hubert Frank   Unterm Röckchen stößt das Böckchen (1974)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Hubert Frank   Unterm Röckchen stößt das Böckchen (1974)

Unterm Röckchen stößt das Böckchen is a German film comedy first released in West Germany on 12th July 1974, directed by Hubert Frank. Cinematography was by László Németh and the film was scored by Peter Thomas. It stars Shirley Corrigan, Dieter Assmann, Alena Penz, Eva Gross and Karin Gruas. It is a TIT Filmproduktion GmbH production, distributed by Atlantic Films. It is a color film and runs to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Continue reading

Friðrik Þór Friðriksson – On Top Down Under (2000)

klV3b4V Friðrik Þór Friðriksson   On Top Down Under (2000)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Friðrik Þór Friðriksson   On Top Down Under (2000)

On Top – Iceland, a lighthouse, a cold winter evening. Her thoughts drift back to that summer … to bathing in the hot springs … to when they first met … and embraced. Down Under – Australia, the desert, a blistering heat wave. His pickup stops at an icehouse … he lays the blocks neatly on the buckboard … and drives off haunted by a aching memory. Without dialogue or comment, save for verses from a sonnet by John Keats, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson links the thoughts, the emotions, the sensual longing of young lovers at opposite ends of the world. A tone poem, a collage of sight and sound. Continue reading

Gianfranco Angelucci – Miele di donna aka Honey (1981)

 Gianfranco Angelucci   Miele di donna aka Honey (1981)

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IMDb comment:

Genuinely erotic fantasy

This is a superior example of a European softporno, one of the few that dares to use the form of a (kind of) drama, without pretending to have become an arthouse picture. In other words: we are not subjected to the violence, humiliation, or silly humour that is so common in 1970s sleaze or the B-movies of the video era; neither do we have to endure any attempts to bring a message across as in the naughtier arthouse pics. This is an erotic film, full stop. Continue reading

Bitto Albertini – Yellow Emanuelle (1977)

yelem Bitto Albertini   Yellow Emanuelle (1977)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Bitto Albertini   Yellow Emanuelle (1977)

Synopsis: Director Bito Albertini’s 1970s cult classic stars Chai Lee as Emy Wong, an alluring doctor who tends to a British man who finds himself hospitalized after a horrible and senseless beating. Immediately smitten, he sets to work wooing Emy, but she has the unfortunate task of informing him that she’s already taken. The lovestruck pilot refuses to take no for an answer, however, and the medic soon finds her commitment tested to the hilt. Continue reading

Fabrizio Rampelli – La trasgressione (1988)

trasgre Fabrizio Rampelli   La trasgressione (1988)

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After murdering his mother, Angelo (Pierfrancesco Campanella) hooks up with Valeria (Milly D’Abbraccio), a rich and spoilt girl who’s psychologically unstable. Between them a silent complicity is soon established as they both seem to find inner fulfillment in acts of random and senseless violence. Naturally, they embark on a killing spree, and even more naturally their path is one where sexual situations abound. This is Pierfrancesco Campanella’s first foray into moviemaking. Also Milly D’Abbraccio’s first starring role. A curious and sleazy mix of teenage frustration (the first draft of the screenplay was written when Campanella was 14 years old), corrosive anti-establishment irony and love of cinema (with references to HONEYMOON KILLERS, TRASH and I PUGNI IN TASCA among others). But don’t think for a minute that it’s pretentious arthouse garbage. Above all it’s pure trashy entertainment, just the way we like it. Continue reading

pixel Fabrizio Rampelli   La trasgressione (1988)