Toshiharu Ikeda – Sei kari udo aka Sex Hunter (1980)


Plot / Synopsis

A movie from the director of EVIL DEAD TRAP, based on a manga by Dirty Matsumoto.

Sex Hunter opens with an exquisitely photographed performance of Swan Lake featuring Miki as the prima ballerina. After the recital she receives numerous bouquets, one of which is from. Akiko, a renowned ballerina who runs an exclusive ballet school. On her way home after the show Miki is approached by Akiko who invites her to join her academy. Miki agrees and is brought to the isolated location at once to begin her training.

Once there Miki quickly discovers there is more to this school than meets the eye as she thrown headfirst into a deviant cocktail of rape, incest, group sex, sadomasochism, and Coca Cola enemas. Continue reading

Paul Vatelli – Let’s Talk Sex (1984)


IMDb comment:

I liked Bridgette Monet, Tina Ross, and Julia Parton

This film is one of my favorites. It revolves around a phone sex business, with the phone fantasies shown as real life. Bridgette Monet starts it off with David Cannon in an excellent scene. Later Julia Parton does a short scene with Mona ??? (later joined by Mike Horner). Lastly, Tina Ross(Jennifer West) and Herschel Savage get together for a scene that was good, but could have been better. There’s more to the movie, but that’s what I remembered and liked. Continue reading

Roberta Findlay – Liquid A$$ets (1982)


IMDb comments:
Saw this a few years after it was made. Back in those days, porn films more often than not had a plot, which made them even better cuz one minute you’re watching the characters go about their normal lives la dee da and the next minute they’re getting buck naked, which is more of a turn-on than just straight sex.

The comedic plot involves a Mel Brooks’ “Producers” style scenario about a wealthy guy deliberately puts on a flop play as a tax write-off (the play is about the Russian revolution, and this is probably the only porn film ever where someone uses the word “mensheviks”). Continue reading

Ottavio Alessi – Top Sensation aka The Seducers (1969)


Plot Synopsis by Robert Firsching (allmovie)

This preposterous sex melodrama stars pretty Edwige Fenech as a prostitute hired by the overbearing mother (Maud de Belleroche) of a shy, mentally-retarded 20-year old named Tony. Fenech is meant to claim Tony’s virginity on a sea cruise, also attended by sexy Paula (Rosalba Neri) and her slimy husband Aldo, who incessantly try to curry the wealthy mother’s favor. Ewa Aulin (Candy) shows up as an island girl who dies when the dull-witted Tony accidentally strangles her, leading her husband to board the ship, where he is quickly dispatched by the rifle-toting Neri. Bodies are exploded with dynamite, Neri models a leather bikini, and there is much sexual byplay, both straight and lesbian. Cult buffs will appreciate seeing two of the most famous sex symbols in Italian genre film, Fenech and Neri, sharing the screen in revealing costumes, but anyone looking for high drama would be best served elsewhere. Exploitation master Jerry Gross released the film in America. Continue reading

Pierre Thome – Unschuld vom Lande (1974)


Description: Conny wird von ihrer besten Freundin auf den Bauernhof eingeladen. Schnell merkt sie das es auf dem Land gar nicht so keusch zugeht wie sie immer gedacht hat.
Auf dem Heuboden und im Kuhstall wird gefickt, dass sich die Balken biegen. Alle kommen auf ihre Kosten, nur Babsi ist immer noch die Unschuld vom Lande. Conny hilft ihr naturlich sofort das zu andern. Continue reading

Jennifer Lyon Bell – Matinée (2009)

 photo Matinee13-40-44.jpg


Stage actors Mariah and Daniel play lovers every night, but their onstage romance lacks spark. One slow afternoon, they discover that today’s matinée performance will make or break both their careers. Daniel wants to make big changes, and Mariah starts to wonder: are Daniel’s suggestions reasonable? Or has he lost track of the boundary between actor and character? Rushed to the stage, in front of a live audience, they must figure it out together. Continue reading

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