Dale Trevillion – Play Time (1994)

 Dale Trevillion   Play Time (1994)

thgc Dale Trevillion   Play Time (1994)

In a lot of ways, Play Time is a very silly, and perhaps even very bad, movie. The acting ranges from bland (the male leads) to somewhat melodramatic (the female leads). Many moments are quite laughable, and force you to hit your hand against your forehead. But this is a sex movie. What? Were you expecting to see scenes straight out of a John Ford picture? Didn’t think so! As a real movie, Play Time is pretty mediocre, but as a sex movie, Play Time rocks. (more…)

Nuri Akinci – Bu Balik Baska Balik AKA Emanuella (1975)

 Nuri Akinci   Bu Balik Baska Balik AKA Emanuella (1975)

turkish erotic comedy. (more…)

Gérard Loubeau – Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (1981)

qW06ctH Gérard Loubeau   Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (1981)

thgc Gérard Loubeau   Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (1981)

Six light-minded girls are losing their passports and money on their way to Ibiza. But they have luck and find shelter in a sea-view villa. In order to earn some money to continue their journeyl, the hot girls take jobs at various establishment like in Night Clubs or Bars and fucking the respective bosses of this shit holes. The men are mostly old enough to be the girls’ fathers, but that doesn’t bother the sexually-crazed bitches at all. (more…)

Armand Weston – Expose Me, Lovely (1976)

 Armand Weston   Expose Me, Lovely (1976)

thgc Armand Weston   Expose Me, Lovely (1976)

From Reviewer

EXPOSE ME, LOVELY is a porn movie version of the 1941 film,LADY IN THE LAKE in which Ras Kean plays private eye Harry “Frosty” Knight,a NYC private eye in the tradition of Sam Spade, Phillip Marlowe and Mike Hammer,who must find a missing young man who is heir to a fortune from his politician father, but Kean finds out soon enough that the missing person case is more than that,since he finds himself framed for murder. Of course being a 70′s porn film, the plot is secondary to the explicit sex scenes, but director Armond Weston who also wrote the script, directs both the plot which has many scenes from the point of view of the private eye(just like LADY IN THE LAKE) with flashbacks and the many sex scenes in a very artsy film noir manner that makes this film in my opinion,an almost perfect adult film for couples and not only for horny males. (more…)

Jorge Acha – Habeas Corpus (1986)

 Jorge Acha – Habeas Corpus (1986)

thgc Jorge Acha – Habeas Corpus (1986)

Quote:Four days’ captivity in a Tragic Holy Week, when the regime received Pope John Paul II and the radio and televisión recounted and showed how Videla ate his wafer and tríed to purge his sins. In the meantime, in the clandestine cells, thousands were being tortured and killed. This film is the catalog of the perceptions, memories, delirium, physical condiiion of a prísoner at the most horrible moments of his confinement: dead times dragging on in between torture sessions. The time when he realizes that he has a body made offragments. There maynot be in all Argentine cinema history, such a detailed exploration of the qualities and powers that a body may engender. (more…)

Penny Woolcock – The Principles of Lust (2003)

rzzd Penny Woolcock – The Principles of Lust (2003)

thgc Penny Woolcock – The Principles of Lust (2003)

Likely to cause a stir because of its explicit scenes of orgies and coke snorting, what really separates The Principles Of Lust from the crowd is its edgy, dark atmosphere that combines conventional Hollywood thrillers about sociopaths – eg. Fight Club, Bad Influence – with a distinctly British, rough and ready feel.
Firing on all cylinders, debut feature director Penny Woolcock – who once made waves with the Channel 4 drama Tina Goes Shopping – delivers a film that’s too insistent on being distinctive and dream-like to really hold together as a coherent drama. Instead, it joins a select group of recent low-budget British cinema – from The Last Great Wilderness to This Is Not A Love Song – that dares to say no to the conventions of Hollywood filmmaking while damning the consequences. (more…)

Jean Rollin – Tout le monde il en a deux aka Fly Me the French Way (1974)

 Jean Rollin   Tout le monde il en a deux aka Fly Me the French Way (1974)

thgc Jean Rollin   Tout le monde il en a deux aka Fly Me the French Way (1974)

Softcore pornography is a dying art form. In the late sixties and early seventies, this “mainstream” form of sex cinema was a hell of a lot more erotic than it’s bastard offspring that fills up the wee hours of late night cable. The people in these films looked more like your neighbors, and less the silicone ideal presented today, and stuff just felt…oh, I guess….dirtier. It stands to reason that people should be aroused by more accurate depictions of attractive yet common folks having a go in the sheets than surgically altered, over made-up Barbies and Kens, but little by little, the gloss came into porn; out with the real and in with the ideal. It’s a shame, because, while not an avid viewer of the stuff, I’d certainly watch more if it were as erotic as Jean Rollin’s 1974 farce, Bacchanales Sexuelles. (more…)

Herschell Gordon Lewis – Black Love (1971)

 Herschell Gordon Lewis   Black Love (1971)

thgc Herschell Gordon Lewis   Black Love (1971)

“Black Love is not an erotic sex film. It is rather a study of an important aspect of the black experience.” You bet! This cinematic atrocity was directed and lensed by the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis. Written and narrated (and wonderfully e-nun-c-ate-ed) by Joseph L. Turner (sure), Black Love unfolds in four acts. (more…)

Jerry Douglas – The Back Row (1973)

 Jerry Douglas   The Back Row (1973)

thgc Jerry Douglas   The Back Row (1973)

TLA Video review wrote:
Jerry Douglas’ The Back Row (1972):

As millions flocked to theatres to see The Godfather back in 1972, another landmark film was unspooling in theatres as well. (Sure, they were decidedly smaller and seedier theatres, and had a tendency to reek of bodily fluids, but they were theatres nonetheless.) Garnering nowhere the same amount of press, it was a milestone in its own right. That film is The Back Row. Seen here for the first time in nearly 30 years, this hilarious (and sexy as hell) pre-condom-era rub-your-chub flick is a must for porn fans.

Casey Donovan (Boys in the Sand, The Other Side of Aspen) is featured as a dude cruising NYC’s all-male smut theatres looking for love (or at least a good hummer); George Payne is the young “guy from Montana” who catches his eye. (more…)

Cecil Howard – Scoundrels (1982)

 Cecil Howard   Scoundrels (1982)

thgc Cecil Howard   Scoundrels (1982)

Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels Darsteller: Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, R. Bolla, George Payne, Tiffany Clark, Ron Hudd, Tigr, Anna Turner, Marilyn Gee, Copper Penny, Lisa Be, Tammy Lamb, Ariel Lee

1984 AVN Award Winner For Best Film of The Year!

“Scoundrels” is the first movie to win Best Picture at the first ever AVN awards in 1984.

Scoundrels was called a “sexual masterpiece” by AVN founder Paul Fishbein. It also won Best Director and Best Editing after being nominated in all of the Major Film Categories that year. Acclaimed writer Anne Randall provided the screenplay for the film directed by Cecil Howard, the man Playboy called “The Grandmaster of Erotic Film making.” (more…)

Jim Powers – The Texas Dildo Masquerade (1998)

XB2E81i Jim Powers   The Texas Dildo Masquerade (1998)

thgc Jim Powers   The Texas Dildo Masquerade (1998)

Quote:The Texas Vibrator Massacre (2008) is kinda like a XXX version of the 2003 Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake, but I prefer the Texas Dildo Masquerade because it follows Tobe Hooper’s original closely (and hilariously). Instead of Leatherface, there is Pussyface and his/her crazy family who makes dildos. There are even dildos hanging from the cieling instead of meat hooks. Amazing. The film stars Tabitha Stevens and, in the role of the wheelchair-bound Franklin, Ron Jeremy. (more…)

Matt Cimber – Africanus Sexualis AKA Black Is Beautiful (1970)

 Matt Cimber   Africanus Sexualis AKA Black Is Beautiful (1970)

thgc Matt Cimber   Africanus Sexualis AKA Black Is Beautiful (1970)

IMDB review:

Black Is Beautiful is one of the lucrative explicit-sex films marketed alongside Scandinavian imports during a brief window when Supreme Court decisions (notably the Quiet Days in Clichy and I Am Curious (Yellow) cases) first opened the floodgates that now have led to hardcore porn’s dominant place in our culture. Cimber cashed in while the getting was good with a series of fake documentaries now classified as “white-coaters”, which within 2 years were driven out of the marketplace by porn films with a storyline. (Ironically, today’s internet-dominated XXX market has generally jettisoned story lines, coming back full circle to 1970-level content.) (more…)

Jesús Franco – Les chatouilleuses (1975)

 Jesús Franco   Les chatouilleuses (1975)

thgc Jesús Franco   Les chatouilleuses (1975)

Central America, circa 1915. lt is the age of revolutions, tyranny, captains and colonels. In a small provincial town, often invaded by some revolutionary group or other, there is a brothel of which the Madame, Simone, and most of the girls, are French. Many of the girls are in love with rebel leader Carlos Ribas, and, when government troops re-occupy the area, they hide him. When the soldiers discover him, they take both him and the girls prisoner. The governor sends the girls off in a cart to amuse the troops, but they manage to escape along the way and take refuge in a convent where they take over the nuns’ identities… (more…)

Nick Millard – Wendy’s Naughty Night (1972)

 Nick Millard   Wendys Naughty Night (1972)

thgc Nick Millard   Wendys Naughty Night (1972)

Coming toward the end of Nick Millard’s porno career, Wendy’s Naughty Night exemplifies why he gave up the ghost of being an erotic director. Hardcore had arrived and he was too bored to adapt to its pre-eminence in the marketplace.
Running at 90 minutes is the longest of Millard’s sexploitation output in the 70′s. It can only be enjoyed by fans of Nick’s particular oft-appearing fetishes & techniques: lovely female nipples, patent-leather boots, black stockings or patterned hose plus garter belt, shoe/foot fetishism, lesbian sex, softcore tease, harsh lighting & gaudy pastel color schemes.
The single improvement here is Nick’s dropping of the annoying female narrator who drives one up the wall reciting his nonsensical purple prose in voice over on dozens of his films. (more…)

pixel Nick Millard   Wendys Naughty Night (1972)
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